The week in a post

The week at Square One started with a new MacPro setup which was super cool and super fast with the addition of CS5. Yeah I know we’re on CS6 but, one step at a time eh!

The only irritation was the fact that some of my old software stopped working due to compatibility, office being one of them! So I Googled ‘alternative to microsoft office‘ and bingo. I found OpenOffice an opensource solution that pretty much mimics Office. You can even open MS Office documents and re-save back in the same format – very useful.

ButterwareSquare One have been stakeholders of Butterware for about 6 months now and one of the objectives was to re-brand in time for the official launch of the sandwich software.

After getting a general consensus on the logo it was on with some advertising and a website visual. The ad was approved and has gone to the publication.

We received some positive feedback from the Butterware crew and the web visuals were approved to go to build, I have to say I’m really pleased with the whole brand.

Urban scooterAnother success this week was Urban Scooter, a brand that was developed from scratch.

After a couple of weak visuals that neither myself or the client were happy with I finally nailed it.

The brand is very urban and grungy so the website needed to reflect this, the site has now been approved and will now move into the build process as well as have a full e-commerce solution implemented. Watch this space.

French car centerAnother approved to build website was the French Car Centre  refresh, a brand and website that was built over 2 years ago.

Tony Hughes gave some really positive feedback and I’m looking forward to coding up the new frontend and all the sub pages.

A new feature will allow current customers to leave feedback, also known as ‘user generated content’, this is a huge plus for any website serious about optimisation and search engine ranking.

inspiremedOh, I haven’t forgotten about the print media too! Another brand that was developed from scratch was inspiremed. Some of the stationery is in the process of going to print and I’m in the middle of the build at the time of writing this blog.

It’s just going to be another WordPress cms believe it or not 😉

The site was originally designed to advertise medical events but, the business has changed slightly so there have been a few adjustments but hopefully the site will be launched very soon.

Square One on soundrop

And in other news I finally setup a Square One soundrop room in Spotify – everyone likes to work to music right? Sadly there is only one listener at the moment…. me! Oh well, I’m not too bothered really. It just means I get to choose and vote for all the tunes 🙂


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